Fire Safety Certificate – is a document proves the conformity of products to the requirements of technical regulation on the fire safety ("Technical Regulations on fire safety requirements" of July 22, 2008 Federal Law №123, effective as on May 1, 2009 and Federal Law №117 of July 10, 2012 "On Amending the Federal law "Technical regulations on fire safety requirements").

The fire safety certificate is a mandatory requirement for issuing the GOST R Certificate, if the product is included in the list of goods subject to compulsory certification in terms of fire safety (RF Government Regulation № 241 of March 17, 2009, and RF Government Regulation № 140 of March 17, 2010 (additional list).

The list applies to all fire-fighting machinery and extinguishing media, electrical cables and devices for safety shutdown of electric circuits, fire retardant agents and materials, construction materials (finishing and facing), building construction and engineering equipment of smoke protection systems, etc.

Fire safety certificate may be issued whether for serial products or for a batch. Its validity varies from 1 year to 5 years.

Voluntary fire certificate:

Voluntary fire certification is initiated by the applicant in order to confirm the compliance of products with the fire safety requirements.

Voluntary fire safety certification is carried out if the products are not listed in the appropriate list of obligatory certification and declaration.

Declaration of Conformity:

Declaration of conformity – is a document attesting product conformity to the established requirements of RF Fire Safety technical regulations, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Energy on March 22, 2006, Order №54.

It is drawn up for a period of 1 year to 5 years. Declaration of conformity is issued on the basis of product testing in an accredited testing laboratory and/or on the basis of the applicant's own evidence.

Exemption Letter (“Negative decision” on demand)::

A negative decision for mandatory certification application provides a reasonable refusal to issue the certificate and shall be signed by the expert and sealed by the certification body.

This document is defined by the Technical Regulations on Fire Safety Requirements (Federal Law №123 of July 22,2008) and it is sufficient for inspection authorities and for the customs to waive the requirements for mandatory certification.

For advice on the assessment of compliance of products with Fire Safety Technical Regulations - please contact us - 8-800-100-18-14 (call-free for all regions of Russia).

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