Certification Group has conducted evaluation since 2013. The company is a member of Interregional Self-Regulated Organization of Appraisers. We perform the following appraisal services:

  • an independent assessment of real estate and commercial properties;
  • an independent assessment of machinery and equipment;

Evaluation of machinery and equipment - is the process resulted in the determination of movable property value (cars, machines, equipment, production lines, office equipment, office equipment, appliances, household items and other objects).

Appraisal of machinery and equipment is usually required when:

  • Selling the machinery and equipment that are no longer used in the enterprise due to irrelevancy;
  • Recycling of machinery and equipment, further operation of which is impossible or impractical because it is worn-out or obsolete;
  • Initiating secure transactions for business and credit;
  • Insurance of machinery and equipment;
  • Granting a lease on machinery and equipment;
  • Calculation of the property tax for machinery and equipment;
  • Making a contribution to the authorized capital;
  • Forced sale of machinery and equipment in enterprise bankruptcy to cover debts to creditors;
  • Distribution of estate (exiting a partnership);
  • Entry in accounting records of the equipment that was received for free;
  • Entry in accounting records of write-off equipment;
  • Calculation of the net assets during business appraisal (shareholdings, stakes in the authorized capital);
  • Business analysis;
  • Reappraisal etc.

Real estate appraisal – is a procedure for determination of the actual market value of any real estate: apartments, houses, land, industrial premises or office.

Real estate appraisal is usually required in the following cases:

  • Purchase or sale of real estate;
  • Property insurance;
  • Property rental;
  • Bank loan secured by real estate;
  • Preparation of tax statements;
  • Execution of the court judgment;
  • Settlement of property disputes;
  • Demolition of the object;
  • Redistribution of owners shares;
  • Litigation of the cadastral valuation of lands.

For advice on the real estate appraisal or machinery and equipment appraisal - please contact us - 8-800-100-18-14 (call-free for all regions of Russia).

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