GOST R Certification

Since 2011 a large number of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU) have come into force. Transitional and validity periods of the documents issued previously are set in the Decisions on adoption of developed TR CU. Products for which technical regulations have not yet developed or not yet in force, which is subject to obligatory certification, shall undergo conformity assessment procedure within the GOST R system.

Products conformity assessment within the GOST R system is determined in accordance with the Government Resolution № 982 of 01 December, 2009 “On approval of the unified list of products subject to mandatory certification and the unified list of products for which the conformity assessment is made in the form of a declaration of conformity".

The Government Resolution № 982 provides for the form of declaration to the following products:
Medical devices and dental materials, utensils and dining appliances for adults, fertilizers, products for household use, household cleaning products in aerosol package, products for cleaning and washing, insects/ rodents control products, disinfectants and antiseptics, agents for plants and gardens protection, coatings, bicycle tires, rubber hoses, inflatable rowing boats, high voltage equipment, rechargeable batteries, construction products of aluminum and its alloys, joinery products, wallpaper, paper products, veneer wood products, feeding products, fish and seafood, canned fish, microbiological industry products, glasses, toothbrushes.

The Government Resolution № 982 provides for the form of certification to the following products:
Combustible gas, petroleum refinery gas, steel-wire ropes, condoms, power cables for nonstationary laying for voltage above 1 kV, non-destructive testing equipment, air filters, cement, sporting firearms, hunting weapons, body armor garment, safes, locks, vaccines, hockey goals, football goals, knives.

In addition to mandatory conformity assessment within the GOST R system, the conformity assessment can be carried out in the form of voluntary certification.

Voluntary certification system is controlled by the law together with the other existing systems. This form of conformity assessment is initiated exclusively by the manufacturer or seller of products. At the same time, voluntary certification restricts low-quality products getting into the market by testing such indicators as reliability, aesthetics, economy. Product passed certification in the voluntary GOST R system is marked with the special sigh that proves its quality and used as a marketing advantage.

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